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Author Lance Long knows how mechanical things work and can fix almost anything. With a Ph.D. in English, he left academia, becoming a licensed general contractor, real estate and mortgage broker, and land developer. Following the real estate collapse in 1989, he wrote the insider disclosure book, Banking on Success, which grew into a television infomercial and more than 3,000 international seminars and workshops. Lance has written industry studies on alternative fuels, solar energy, aquaculture, electric vehicles, and wastewater bio-mitigation, and has promoted government programs against bioterrorism in Canada and Mexico. After 9/11 he began fitting-out out a large live-aboard diesel trawler. Well versed in survival techniques, having cruised the world, he can navigate anywhere and live off sea and land. He lives aboard, cruising the Florida coast, and is currently working on two new novels and a screenplay.
When asked on a television show with whom he would most like to be shipwrecked on a deserted island, Lance answered unequivocally,
“Thor Heyerdahl.”

Praise for Boca Chita: Prepare. Escape. Survive.
  "Truly unique style…. It is a frightening and compelling read told in a unique "snapshot" manner with a multitude of sardonic and witty asides, social commentary, and historical notes…the reader is treated to just the right combination of fast-paced storytelling and the essential minutiae that all preppers and survivalists must focus on. This new addition to both the island and survival genres is sure to please the casual reader and hardcore survivalist alike.” -- Michael Edwards, The 10 Best Survival Books (Fiction)  at Activist Post

"The age of terrorism presents novelists with the same kinds of challenges and opportunities the Cold War offered fiction writers like John LeCarre and Len Deighton. Slug Line gave me the chance to treat a headline story with insight, imagination, and realism." —Don Horan
Don Horan is a security consultant and freelance writer. Over his long career, he has consulted with hundreds of companies in matters of asset protection and security planning. He has authored the industry text The Retailer’s Guide to Loss Prevention and Security, was a contributing author to Retail Crime, Security and Loss Prevention: An Encyclopedic Reference, and has written numerous articles published in trade periodicals. In 1996, Don participated in the security and logistics planning for retail venues at the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, and in 2004, managed security operations for a major hotel concern that hosted delegations to the Republican National Convention in New York City. He received a BA degree in Criminal Justice from Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY, and makes his home in Charleston, SC.  
Praise for Slug Line:
"Taut action suspense novel. It kept me interested from beginning to end. The novel has good character development and a highly plausible story line given the current state of world affairs. I highly recommend reading it not only for the story line but as an insight into current world history." —By Milt in SC
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