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NOEL Trilogy, Book 1:
Boca Chita–Prepare. Escape. Survive. 
by Lance Long

Mark, a retired boomer with a powerful survivalist streak, manages to avoid contamination from the deadly NOEL virus, released worldwide by terrorists on Christmas Eve. Within 3 days, 99.9% of the world’s population succumbs. He decides to bug-out in his survival-prepared, live-aboard trawler to Boca Chita Key, an uninhabited island seventeen miles from Miami, where he uses his wits, resilience and mechanical know-how to homestead as a self-sufficient hermit.

Chapter 1: Escape
"The Present. 28 December. Key Largo: Mark awakens alone in his room at Jules Underwater Lodge in Key Largo, after living incommunicado with the outside world for three days. Advertised as the only underwater hotel in America, the Lodge is located at mm 103.2 on US 1, in North Key Largo, at the top of the Keys. With only one road in the Keys, all addresses are based on mile makers, with mm 0 being at the end of US 1 in Key West. Attached by an umbilical cord to the surface, Mark’s lodgings have full electricity, air-conditioning and cable TV. He even has a bathroom with a flush toilet and a small kitchen. His cell phone doesn’t work here, but who cares, he has no one he wants to call.  He has enjoyed his quiet time reading, writing in his journal and reflecting on his past. Mark is determined not to emerge from his underwater lair until the crass commercialized Christmas season has finally passed."

"I loved it.
I can't get over how much knowledge Mr. Long has about survival."

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